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Reviews for "Starboom"


I'm going to crawl out on a limb here and say that that rocked my socks off. It has just the right amount of balance between the aura of the song, the body and the beat. It was gentle yet strong. It really was unique! 10/10 for UNIQUENESS!

i think this is

one of your most subtle song here

floating away

its like your music tells a story, as the song progresses it feels like i'm on a beautiful adventure through the mind's eye.

your classical stuff is both soft and edgy. like sugar and salt, you manage to mix the two into a wonderful harmonious blend.


First the singing was a very nice touch, Then when the strings came in, I was Awed. Great Composition!


I thought the piano was gorgeous, but when the SINGING started; WOW. What an incredible song. Seriously, this has to be my absolute favourite one I've ever heard on Newgrounds, and I've listened to hundreds!

Slug-Salt responds:

Thanks so much Ginger! i put a lot of love into this song so it makes me very happy that someone enjoyed it so much.