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Reviews for "Those Two Guys"

(title in work)

Uhh...not really my cup of tea. Really just two very incoherent fellows who have random things happen to them. Not really a binding storyline, nor are the characters really all that unique in the Flash world. This really didn't keep my attention fully.

made me laugh

u can find a million and 1/2 videos on newgrounds that are just random stuff, but most of it is just garbage thrown into a pile with the hope that someone will find it funny. your "random" videos are definately a step up from those. the first clip didnt do much for me, it kind of gave me that "god, not another one of these videos feelings" but from the moment the Almighty Spoon dinked him on the head up till he decided to "do it" i was chuckling. i cant rly give advice on how to make random better, but whatever is going on inside ur head, keep it coming

awsome,genius.funnyas hell!!!!!

my god, this is the best thing on the internet .since..............the uh.......internet /= destructo-out


1 uf d best vid me eever seen, lul


I'm lmao with the third one. That guy was really weird... LOL

cobra0528 responds: