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Reviews for "Super Mario RPG - Nimbus Land"

I'm moved.

Whenever I listen to this, I feel like I'm either exploring a new land, sitting on a blustery beach, or just looking around paradise. That's how much your song moved me. You are awesome!

ZombiePosessor responds:

Wow. I'm glad that I could do that for you. Thanks for listening.


At first, I thought that it was the same, but then those guitars played....nice...I think the same thing the last dude said! LOL, seriously! XD

ZombiePosessor responds:

Yeah, the nylon guitars were literally a last minute addition, and I'm glad I added them. Thanks for the review!

Holy fuck

This song is fucking awesome. The blend of the flute I think it is and the guitar I did not see coming. It works so well. The sythns in the song are also kickass. I really like the mood of the song. I swear you are going to make me go and buy a SNES just to get this game. I am downloading this song unto my ipod as I type. I am off to listen to your other new song. Talk to ya again in a couple of seconds.

ZombiePosessor responds:

Badass. That reaction I got from you in this review is exactly why I do music. Keep rockin' out!


I have always loved that theme from that game and you always manage to find my fav themes from games (Elecman, Snakeman, metropolis zone, etc). at first i thought it was the exact same song though until the guitar cut in. Nice job!

ZombiePosessor responds:

Cool, thanks!


How can anyone resist a good old fashioned Mario tune.