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Reviews for "Super Mario RPG - Nimbus Land"


How can anyone resist a good old fashioned Mario tune.

Yep because its pretty good I'll give you a wait..

10!!!!! Muahahahahahha!! Keep it up dudest

I notice nobody has given less than 8/10

And it's not hard to see why - this is a brilliant remake of the Nimbus Land theme from SMRPG. The guitar fits in amazingly well and your other choices of instruments were perfect!
In fact, I'm surprised that some people gave this 8/10 when in fact it deserves a full 10/10.
I'll also remember this tune in case I could use it in any flash I'm going to be making.


thats all i needed. JUST ONE MARIO THEME THAT ISNT LOUD AND NERVE RACKING! this is what i want more of. nice and peacefull.


I'd give it a 5 even if it was the worst among the others.