Reviews for "We stand our ground"


it was good and should pass judgement...

Pretty Tense

I love war film and i thought at first this was going to be bad like most war flashes but by god you changed my mind, i would love to see a series of this but i think the way the people died couldv'e been improved, they were being blown away by simple guns but that was the only thing i didn't like as much as the other stuff.
Totally worth my time, 100%

MarsYam responds:

Woaw, thanks!


titel head says it all

I am disappointed

With the intelligence of some of you guys on Newgrounds. I believe MarsYam is referring to the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. For decades generations of people from both lands feared the weapons and bloodshed their leaders were commanding forth. It was, from what I've heard, the worst kind of fear; the fear of suddenly being blown/burnt to pieces-whether it would hurt-whether it would happen.


MarsYam responds:

The movie is open for interpretation, and I think your interpretation, GeologyWizard, is the best I have heard.

Emotion in flash put to the point!

Ok let's my only remark out of the way first, I think movie kind of lacked a climax. But maybe that was the point of the movie.
Other then that, you can really feel the emotion put into this movie. The music choice was great, and most of the graphics too, except for some weak spots. (the kid on the bridge for example, but that was the only one that really stood out)
Great FBF animation on the bird in the moon scene though ;).
I know for one that you put a s--tload of effort into this movie, and I congratulate you, it is entirely made of win! You greatly excell at war movies, probably cause you watch so many real war movies as well.
5/5, 9/10