Reviews for "We stand our ground"

Wow, impressive for your third flash.

This was really good, the beginning was good and some of the short battle scenes were done fairly well. Although for my opinion, I found the storyline a bit weak, It's like I've seen these so many times, something bad happens, war is struck, some sad ending happens, the end, kinda like that. But besides that, it was WELL DONE.

Congratulations, you've surprised me, although I'm not an animator, maybe I could learn from you.

Also, on another note, the graphics were graphic intense, I enjoy them, also a question, were all does drawings your own (example: the artillery, the soldiers)or did you trace them?



MarsYam responds:

I didn't Trace anything.

Not bad at all.

-You put effort into this.
-The cinematic effects weren't bad.
-Too much tweened.
-The guns were way out of proportion with the soldiers.
-The movements of the soldiers needs work.

MarsYam responds:

You are right...

Very good

It could have been alot btter though, add more realistic movements and you would have a perfet animation

MarsYam responds:

My animation skills need some work! :)

Good work

Very moving. The music goes well with the flash and the entire style you're going with works well with the theme. The character graphics could improve (not that it's a big deal) but overall I really like this man, keep it up!

MarsYam responds:

Thanks for your time and review!

It's alright...

But not that great. Unless this is a trailer for a new series, it doesn't really make any sense. Who is this mysterious "Union?" Why did they "kill all three American leaders?" All it needs is some plot expansion.