Reviews for "We stand our ground"


You broke my brain AND attention span. Without any background info its quite confusing. Why the heck is the union attacking us, and who the heck are they?
I guess it was well animated and the music choice was good too...

MarsYam responds:

It is confusing, but it was never to plan to make it easy for the viewer to understand what is happening... War should be confusing.

sweet make more

Your film rocked just improve the story line and stuff but man its sweet but upgrade your weapons ya know we dont use rifels any more or aa guns i know you cnt be 100% correct but its made up so go crazy man juat keep it real

MarsYam responds:

Well, it is fiction... :)


titel head says it all

Pretty Tense

I love war film and i thought at first this was going to be bad like most war flashes but by god you changed my mind, i would love to see a series of this but i think the way the people died couldv'e been improved, they were being blown away by simple guns but that was the only thing i didn't like as much as the other stuff.
Totally worth my time, 100%

MarsYam responds:

Woaw, thanks!

I Liked it

Good Job! I look forward to more work from you. Good graphics, and story.