Reviews for "We stand our ground"

Really good work !

I enjoyed this movie, from the beginning till the end.
(speaking of the end, your movie ends to sudden)

I give you 9/10.
If I compared it with the great guys from Xombie etc., it would have been a 4/10, but I do know how much work you've put into this movie, and that you have done it all by yourselve.

Eanyways, I liked both the movie and music.

-nice animation
-great music
-emotional (another friend of mine thinks so to)

-same animations for all of the soldiers
-a bit slow
-sudden end, which is to bad when you are really concentrated like I was.

Keep up the good work, you may have a real future on newgrounds.

(plz don't criticise my English if I made a lot of mistakes (again), I'm Belgian so =D)


What i don't think what people understand is that flash is hard. Maybe not for some people but at least for me it is, and i can tell that you spent time on this flash, good graphics, but the whole flash seamed to be about an idea that you never expanded on or gave it much thought beyond what you included. Which to tell you the truth makes this flash a moral banner, this side is good and this side is bad, no depth other than that black and white cliché. You can not make a movie based on these guys are the good guys. You have to make that story line earn its message. Good work and good luck.

I am disappointed

With the intelligence of some of you guys on Newgrounds. I believe MarsYam is referring to the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. For decades generations of people from both lands feared the weapons and bloodshed their leaders were commanding forth. It was, from what I've heard, the worst kind of fear; the fear of suddenly being blown/burnt to pieces-whether it would hurt-whether it would happen.


MarsYam responds:

The movie is open for interpretation, and I think your interpretation, GeologyWizard, is the best I have heard.

My thoughts

It seemed as if some of the cuts lasted way too long, and that the animation was stiff and repetitive, all of the soldiers had the same walk cycle, etc. etc...I suggest you put a bit more work into your next animation

MarsYam responds:

I did put some work into this animation!
And maybe the animations aren't that great, but I do think i deserve a higher score than 2/10.

the horrors of war

This movies was great, maybe a little more action and a littles less dramtic piano music with nothing happening?

Still great gpx and sound

a little slow though