Reviews for "Madness"eat it" combat"


not much animation here... just moving little things here or there like his hand or mouth. try harder next time

smotez responds:

I see said the blind man.
thankz for review.

aba jaba

yah it was funny not the best but laughing material

smotez responds:

Thankz anyways! =D

Well done.

Most of these Madness spoofs are pretty bad, but this is actually ok, it's funny, the song is cool, and the art is good, everything a growing flash movie needs.

Congrats, I will be disappointed if this doesn't make it,

smotez responds:

Thankz for the great review.
Review score 0/10? =(

If you want me to be honest...

w o r t h l e s s

no skill

smotez responds:

Abit like yours eh?