Reviews for "Madness"eat it" combat"

I liked it.....

pretty good, smotez. I like madness combat, and this is one of the better tributes here on newgrounds. How do you get songs like that into flash? I mean, you got it off of iTunes, right? Well, for some reason, whenever I try to import a song I bought on iTunes, it just WON'T work. Grr.....
Anyway, nice work. Also, how on earth do people know what to put when in these kinds of Flashes? I also liked it when jebus made a cameo appearance on the Cap'n Crunch box. Also, when you responded to Laothias' review, saying you DON'T like this anymore, I simply CAN'T see WHY you dislike this. You should be proud of this submission. So, yeah, great work overall.

smotez responds:

Im sorry im not a retard that PAYS for songs by using Itunes.


Funny video... it fits the song so well. Good job! "Just EAT IT!!" LOL

very good

very good and funny! U should submit teh music into the audio portal! its very good n funny! especcialy that ' your table manners are a cryin shame. u playin with your food like its some kind of game' part.

If you want me to be honest...

w o r t h l e s s

no skill

smotez responds:

Abit like yours eh?


good i like part when hes dancin at start thats best bit and the animation was gr8 and drawin good