Reviews for "Lonely Day - Acoustic"


the vocals are hella loud when its llike chorused of whatev BUT SOUNDS GREAT MAN!!!!

epik i like it

wut he siad o.0

Very good cover! Nice work!

hay this is pretty good man

makes me remember bac in the dayz what i use to listin too, as a matter of fact i think i'll go listin to some of da old system of down rite now - excellent job!!!

faisalm1991 responds:

lol thanks, yea system of a down has a really unique sound, there isn't many like them.

nice work

Its a good cover, but the audio portal is for original's mostly, having said that, i've checked out your other work, not bad man, voted 5 just for your other songs.

_-Ze Goat-_

ps. check out my stuff yo

faisalm1991 responds:

Thanks for the vote, i loved your stuff.