Reviews for "C&C Red Alert - Hellmarch"

C&C Rocks Just like this song

Only u could think of doin that sort of thing

Do u have the new red alert it is sooo kool

Xenogenocide responds:



Man, i have to say, i was sceptical. But once the track kicked off, all i could see was feilds of power plants, tesla coils, mammoth tanks and ore harvesters.

IMO, a damn good job >=] like your cover of 'act on instict' too, and pleased to see the STH entries. Its quirky, but hell, its how i grew up!

More please!


wow tht is another fuvking awsome song!!! rock on!

good good

for some reason my computer stopped wanting to run RA2 or else I'd say I still have a working copy XD

god im miss this

EA fucked c and c up