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Reviews for "C&C Red Alert - Hellmarch"

NiCe BaSs HuM

SuPeRbLy Done!!
You are a genius in musical composition my friend! \m/ /(V)\ \m/

extreme coolness

I must commend you on this piece of work liked both hellmarch 1 and 2 and you did quite well with this remix *claps*

ahh good memories

the cheesy acting, the 8 bit square looking characters that you have to stare really close to the moniter to see what they are (that is the ORIGINAL red alert that was made in 1998 i think or earlier... 1996?? bah and when Westwood wasnt a part of EA... damn shame.... but whut ev) good job man

For Mother Russia...

And here comes the doom of the entire free world...

Ahhhh, memories....

Mostly of my windowsME edition crashing when my massive army raped... Damn blue screen of death...