Reviews for "C&C Red Alert - Hellmarch"


Nice cover to awesome song


This was one of my favorite c&c songs. Good remake(slightly lower)


i am a C&C nut and this right here is one of the best songs i have heard


This was always one of my favourite Command and Conquer tracks, it's nice to hear it in the audio portal. It does sound very diffrent to the original but it keeps to the same tune, which is good. Although some parts sound to be a little full in a way so it's hard to hear some parts. But much of it keeps to the same sound, which I really like to hear, making this a good recreation of the song.

I like the veriation you have and the change of the instuments does really work with this very well. I think you have got much of this correct, the quality is good and this also loops well, which you could say is an added bonus. I have no real problems with this song overall, good job.



why is the tune lower

you should keep the tune the same like the original