Reviews for "C&C Red Alert - Hellmarch"

hehehe Good old days...

red alert 3 I like to play it but my computer is shit!...shit!!! anyway this shit rocks! keep it like this!


Good old days...missing RA now. and 2.....and I havent played 3 yet....:P

ahh good memories

the cheesy acting, the 8 bit square looking characters that you have to stare really close to the moniter to see what they are (that is the ORIGINAL red alert that was made in 1998 i think or earlier... 1996?? bah and when Westwood wasnt a part of EA... damn shame.... but whut ev) good job man


Just remade the best hell march and didnt butcher it, surprisingly enough.
Its not often i get to listen to a good remix much less a VG remix.
Great work.

solid job

takes me back to the days where RA was the best game ever (not that it isnt anymore)
sounded a bit heavier, but its a heavy track
good job man, loved it