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Reviews for "C&C Red Alert - Hellmarch"


I know red alert yust a little but this sounds cool no maater what its from good job :D
and from my opinion this cant be done better.


love the song love the game good job maggot

Ha ha... NICE!!!

Ahhh... memories. I’ve always
loved the C&C games.

"Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge" is totally my favorite, but the original RA game is good too.


this makes me wanna play C&C RA all over again at HARD level and pwning their asses! btw: if i had tiberian dawn (the first C&C game) i would have ALL the C&C games! yes u can say that im a big C&C fan :D (VERY big indeed)

Not a fan.

You're obviously talented but while I love playing along to songs that I like, I really wouldn't submit covers of songs unless you're going to do something different with it. Otherwise it's just the same thing but not as good quality.