Reviews for "C&C Red Alert - Hellmarch"

Pretty cool. I love this. Thank you.

C&C Red Alert. Brilliant.

It brings back good Ol' days of when C&C Was the most popular games, And we used to play it. I Really love this Remix, It has give me back Memories. When i first heard it in XM4 I Thought "Damn, I Really want to play C&C" And came here and felt like listening to this. Thanks for making this Remix! 10/10! -XIII7 "For Mother Russia."

One of my favorite remixes.

Yes, this is a Remix. It is Nod March. A remix of the original Hell march. =o

Peace, Unity, Brotherhood!

DUUH dadada DUUH

Epic cover, man.

Nice cover man!

It was awesome. Though you use only one guitar right ? If you did use two then from 0:44 to 0:46 one of the guitars and the drummer would continue the same rythm, while the second guitar would change the rythm. In your case you just change the rythm and you don't hear the second guitar in the background.