Reviews for "C&C Red Alert - Hellmarch"

im stuned....literaly

I never thought anybody could remake this song to stick to the original witout changing it much.....guess i thought wrong...if your not on the road you should think about it you would do good in the music business...thats if your not already in a band.

It's neat, I like it!

Pretty good - it brought back some good old memories of frying people with tesla coils (which I personally dubbed "evil Christmas trees"). Glad to see this remixed.

very nice

Reminds me a little of white zombies (Real Band) Work


Man, i have to say, i was sceptical. But once the track kicked off, all i could see was feilds of power plants, tesla coils, mammoth tanks and ore harvesters.

IMO, a damn good job >=] like your cover of 'act on instict' too, and pleased to see the STH entries. Its quirky, but hell, its how i grew up!

More please!

Ahh the good ol' days

Very excellent. Reminds me of killing time on my Windows '95 over the summer...