Reviews for "C&C Red Alert - Hellmarch"

this is amazing

First off I wanna say I cant even describe how much I love this song in words. Also the guy below me is an idiot also I want to say you did amazingly this song matches the feel of that legendary game so well (I fucking love that game btw) I cant get enough of this song I listened to it twice favorited downloaded and 5/5 10/10 also makes a great loop!


ok to be honest YES the start sounds like Hell march....but the original is ALLOOTTT longer (6 minutes something something....) and sounds alot different...but other then that...nice work on actually attempting to make something sound close to it...but try harder ok :)


Rocking out to this song while playing The Last Stand 2, Perfect match, man. You get 100/10


Awsome!!!! *Throwes keybord out the window.. Arg!!*
Uhmmm.. Nuff said *Cough* Cough*


good overall

its hellmarch but its got something missing