Reviews for "*Death Trigger*[ZeRo BaSs/FFR]"

Heard this song before, its awesome.

FlashFlashRevolution? Man dude, i heard quite a few of your songs before and you are a professional at music, period! lol.

Great job, please continue making music and submitting it to Newgrounds.

Keep the songs comin!

Hey man whats up! Glad to see ur not completely gone! i actually changed my name at one point cause i thought u were like.. gone for good.. but ur not so i changed it back :) you know what would make me and about 1000 other people really happy? If u submitted more songs to NG! :) Who cares about the fags who go around voting 0... its the fans that count!! Like me.. Paragon.. and other people who i could name.. but im tired.. so yeah, Think of the fans!! Good luck with your music man!


"Your #1 fan"


Amazing. Someone would need pure skill to make this, and you have that skill. Hope to hear more from you.


This should be higher on the charts, Grat job man!

Marry me.

:3 Just kiddin. Amazing song, keep it up :D