Reviews for "*Death Trigger*[ZeRo BaSs/FFR]"

Yay for the triggers!

Your trigger series is awesome. Although this one isn't the best of them, it's still top notch music.

Above Average

Originality: Well, you have posted it before, but now it has a new intro, lol.

Diversity: Still the same great song.

Clairty: It seems it could sound a little better, mabye it's just me.

Effort: Well, I doubt it took you long to through this new version together, but you still made the song, so it takes a lot of effort for something like this.

Overall: Very good job ZB. Keep the good stuff coming.

Keep the songs comin!

Hey man whats up! Glad to see ur not completely gone! i actually changed my name at one point cause i thought u were like.. gone for good.. but ur not so i changed it back :) you know what would make me and about 1000 other people really happy? If u submitted more songs to NG! :) Who cares about the fags who go around voting 0... its the fans that count!! Like me.. Paragon.. and other people who i could name.. but im tired.. so yeah, Think of the fans!! Good luck with your music man!


"Your #1 fan"

Heard this song before, its awesome.

FlashFlashRevolution? Man dude, i heard quite a few of your songs before and you are a professional at music, period! lol.

Great job, please continue making music and submitting it to Newgrounds.