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Reviews for "Speck Oppression"

Great game, but with a lot of bugs...

The game is awesome and I liked the FX, but there is a lot of bugs in it sparks fly out of the sceen, walls also do that sometimes, and when I restart sometimes the background changes color!

I hope u fix these bugs...and keep up the good work!


very pretty and little details but i found it tedious after 5 levels

good but weird

a very good game and it is also confusing, it is weird but i got the hang of it

umm weird

this game was interesting if nothing else it flows nicely and would be a pretty good time waster if u had 10-15mins to spare next time i would suggest trying to speed up the sparks a little and put a limit on the amount of times you can move the little circle


i got bad history with kong so this is a high score