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Reviews for "Speck Oppression"

Addicting but Flawed

This is a great game, and I feel that if you made a second attempt on trying to correct it you'll make a Incredible game.

The game gets addicting, but its way too hard for me. So I'm hoping that you can make it easier for other people so that they'll be more willing to play it all the way through.



I really enjoyed this game although I didn't beat the one with 6 collecors. It had a new feel to it and the fact that sparks charged up every time the collided with something was a nice touch.

Very funny and addictive

I got some fun with this submission and you make me busy for 30 minutes.
Sometime the game is hard infact,i stopped at the 13th level because i got stuck :(.
By the way the game is good but it is very slow on my pc,you should make a version for slowers pc ^^.

Great gane

I thought this game was alot of fun, and you had multiplke elements to keep it innovative. Still, I got stuck on lvl 11 and couldn't proceed. Oh well.

great game

stuck on level 11 like others. but other than that, very fun and addicting