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Reviews for "Speck Oppression"

:D Gnarly!

Really awsome game!
The whole concept of using little particles like that is really neat!
Absoloutly could not, after many trys beat level 11 though. Each collector on that level can only get 2 charge max? :[ Well, I tried hexagonal shapes and all sorta linear barricades for the lil' buggers putting my collectors at the focus's and I couldn't get a charge past the 4'th tick. I tried closing the lines till they asploded and still couldn't beat it :'[ !!!


Very well done game. My only problem was level 11... as others have said.
Random colors was a nice touch

This game is totaly awesome.

I love this game. Its great!!!


cant beat 11 thers a bad bug in it

damn that level 11!

Level 11 was the hardest part, hands down. next time, keep up with the hints. mad props for the insane trippy graphics - continue on!