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Reviews for "Speck Oppression"

Great Game

Great new idea it could use some diversity in the sparks and a mute sound option because the bounce of the sparks gets annoying quickly.


That is awesome!

Dynamic use of flash.filters.Glow? Am i right?

The game is great and the gamefile size is really small =) Great!

Maybe need to add some music. I love it much!

Komix responds:

yeah, well I use bitmapdata+ blur+color transform


i liked it , and it would have gotten a 10 but i don't like the fact that it had no sound thing were i could turn off the sound or at least lower the volume i will keep it in mind as something to was time on which i like good games to waste time playing, i hope to see another with more things to toy with and a volume device

It's very nice.

But some of the levels are time--consuming.
I'm probably just stupid though, there's a better way of doing them.

Oh Yes!

This game reminds me of a bucket of honlets just like i used to get back home.