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Reviews for "Speck Oppression"

Decent game!

I had fun messing with this little number. It entertained me and could probably become a commercial mini game for comps. However, I ran out of sparks and the game did nothing. I figured I lost but the game doesn't recognize nor does it add more. What is the intention? You should probably code a loss after sparks are 0 or restart the level. Other than that, good game.

Pretty nice, just a bit 2 hard...

I liked it overall, but the explanations once you got the the level with the pentagon in the middle kinda didnt help too much... nice design though!

looks nice

but honestly i cant beat the first lvl which is really dissapointing. maybe im not a genius but it shouldnt be that hard at least for the first level. maybe offer some tips for people who arent experts w/angles and the spark patterns. if you could give me some insight on how to fill up the bar before it just dissapears that would be cool


It's a good game, and I've been waiting for it, but what happened to my music? I MADE THAT SONG FOR NOTHING??

Just kidding. Good game.

it was good

i got to lvl 6 then got bored