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Reviews for "Speck Oppression"

*standing ovation*

Original, eyecatching, unique... What can I say? It's great.
But there's a little bug. Sometimes when a speck goes into a corner and doesn't get so big it explodes, it sometimes just pops out of the fence the wrong way.

Still, you're getting a 10.
And level 16 is annoying. More than level 11 really, got that one figured out easy.

Great game... except...

I loved the concept and gameplay that is Speck Oppression. However, I found a minor glitch in the game. As far as I know, this glitch is easily repeatable in any level where you have two or more collectors.

Place one collector near another and make sure that the lightning is available, showing you that you are losing energy from their proximity. If you accidentally/intentionally continue trying to place a collector near the other, it will suddenly vanish!

Note that this will not make the levels easier to complete, it will do just the opposite. I later found that I couldn't beat level 11, not because of strategy, because I had accidentally deleted one or more collectors in this method.

Overall, I give the game a 10 and I'm sure the glitch can be easily resolved.


I LOVED this game.i kept me entertained for nearly an hour and is just great. keep up the good work and i expect to see more great games from you.

Great love it

You cant predict where the sparks are going to go and I love working it out

Working the brain

I love the game, even though lvl 11 was kinda hard to figure out and after that one the rest were kinda easy. I did kinda well because the whole triangle thing reminded me of the game nods. I loved the different colors and the tails they left, when I found out I could customize my color and etc. I was like 'awesome' . Great job, I'd love to see a second one. Also at the end I didn't notice a replay or main menu button (Might have missed it). ;3

Komix responds:

no, you have to follow one of the links at the end :-P