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Reviews for "Speck Oppression"


i liked it it was smart, and pretty unique in its genre. great visuals. keep up the good work.


lady i would fuck you up if i saw you in my house plus game was awsome

Komix responds:

I am male...


this game sends a subliminal message to everyone who plays it. Speck minus the 'e' & add an 'i' yeah thats right "Spick Oppression" promotes racism. But it still has good graphics & gameplay very challenging.

Komix responds:

what?? I don't even know what Spicks means ^^


This is pretty mean but im stuck on level 15.............


I want to stop playing... but I cant! This game is f. addictive!
I'll vote 5, but it has some glithces like the ones said below, or when you double-click something, it doesnt vanishes, it goes away! (I know that for when I double-click a wall)
Oh, and Im stuck in level 11!!!