Reviews for "Outline"


lol...you where going to name this cockblock? This is soooo goood! outline is the perfect name too. this is easily the best flash i have seen in the portal since...a few days ago lol. good flash, Im impressed!

Nice one!

I really like your simplistic style. If the animation was a bit smoother and you made it longer, I'd call it worthy of frontpage.

The music was also excellent.

4 / 5

o_O O_o

Wow, that was... Mind raping. Reminded me a lot of Space Duck. Although the FBF wasn't as smooth it really didn't matter because they style fit in with the characters. Really nice job! I loved how your brother made the music, it fit perfectly. Almost nothing to improve on, just keep working on your stuff. Again, great.

Brilliant outline

This is easily one of the best flashes ever , I don't know which is better but the whole theme is brilliant and you implied it so well in the loading bar and the animation , even the music it all fits together so perfectly ..... brilliant work and an easy 5 protection

Effort was put into this.

Me like your style. Very good yes.

Make more.