Reviews for "Smugheads"


pretty good

Abo Rules...

ha ha ha ha.. Just abo's bnouncing belly was enough to make me laugh myself to death.,.. hilarious.... and a job well done.... nice job and good character animation.


I didn't get humour on the movie, but it's really well done. Gave you 5.


Very nice style, sound was kinda annoying, but it was good overall

It was funny too



As for the flash itself, the animation was smooth and done in a good style. The sound was a little crackled and the accent was a little difficult to understand at times but all around it was technically sound. As for the content, the joke wasn't funny at all. Though I think the flash was supposed to be funny in that the second man was laughing at the wrong points during the joke. I say it will pass, though perhaps next joke do something a little less subtle.