Reviews for "Jedi vs. Ninja"


that was awesome, a true work of art! although the jedi coming back to life ruined the moment for me a little, even if it was only for 5 seconnds....

ActiveObjectX responds:

He didnt come back to life, HE NEVER DIED!. He died right after.


i bet 99.9% of peeps who read the title automaticly think jedi but you made a good battle and i think it was a fair end with both of them dieing oh and by the way awsome flash

cool but...

you did copy naruto but i like naruto and it was brillant keep it up.


thats no jedi lul red saber and since thats a sith they have force Shockwave, Repulse, Lightning, heal, and lots more i think the sith should have won...

That was an intense fight scene I thought the Ninja would win in the end cause he had defensive skills that helped to offset the jedis offensive skills but in the end they were evenly matched. The ninja underestimated the power of the force and the jedi underestimated the power of the Ninja. Perfect ending.