Reviews for "Jedi vs. Ninja"

I dont understand why people use Naruto

This was an ok idea, and I kinda liked it up to the point where the ninja summoned the snake demon thing. If you were inspired by Naruto, that doesn't mean you have to copy it. Since that came out, peoples views of ninja have been completely misconstrued.
After that, wtf was the energy wave thing? That was also a blatant DBZ rip off.
Don't get me wrong. It wasn't a bad animation, but I would have liked it better had it been more original.

ActiveObjectX responds:

Ok, the idea of summoning something is oldschool. That isnt just anime. The way to summon something, thats where the area gets fuzzy. I made that a naruto reference just for fun. But thats really the only naruto reference in the cartoon(oh yeah, the shadow clone thing). But aside from those, the other ninja stuff is just that, ninja stuff. It wasnt dbz actually, it was street fighter : ). The ninja used a normal hadouken, then charged up for the special hadouken. The jedi just launched the force at it with a beam which created an explosion. I wasnt thinking about dbz at all when i made it, but oh well. But, just cause i made him summon the dragon in a naruto fashion doesnt mean the ninja is all out a naruto ninja. And the dragon was actually based on spirited away, far far away from naruto. But oh well. Two references and I get a 0. Yessss.


siome say the ninja won,cuz he lasted longer.but no,the jedi won,at his last virge of death he stabbed the ninja,the force kept him alive this long.they died at the same time.the winner was the dragon,it didnt fight.but it was still alive.

ActiveObjectX responds:

hmph, no actually the dragon was just a weapon, like the jedi's lightsaber. And really, no winner, only love, I mean, lets stop fighting, seriously.

And watch till after the credits.

worst thing ever

this was the worst thing ever a jedi could kill a ninja way easly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ActiveObjectX responds:

i totally agree with you, seriously, what was this artist thinkin? Man, a jedi would so own a ninja and bake him for breakfast!

Oh wait, I AM that artist, and I think I rule. Therefor I do. But so do you! So don't worry, its all cool.


What a piece of awful...

As a 'newbie' so to speak, to the action ninja genre, I didn't really know what I was expecting to see when I viewed this flash.
Lets just say I got more (or less, whichever way you look at it) than I bargained for.
This flash is more similar to the dragonball-Z cartoons my younger cousin watches than anything to do with star wars. I was left bemused and confused by the entire animation, and by the end of the flash I didn't really know what was going on at all.
Here's some constructive criticism on my behalf; Try not to make ninja flashes. And if you must make ninja flash animations, for god's sake, DON'T include the jedi!
And did I forget to mention that ninjas, a word that literally means scout in Japanese, did not have psychic powers, flying dragons, the skills to jump approximately eighty feet in the air, or force immunity.
The universe a long time ago and far, far away was not meant to be blended with the universe in which ninjas have powers surpassing superman. (Whatever universe the latter is, it sure isn't ours!)

ActiveObjectX responds:

It's a flash, I can do what I want.