Reviews for "Jedi vs. Ninja"

Nice Idea

making a crossover/action movie about a jedi fighting a ninja was pretty cool.
this movie is the answer to some ppl who sometimes wonder ''who will win in a fight a jedi or a ninja?'' the violence was as great as the idea. This flash, i can proudly say, is one of a kind. 9/10

nice job

Either awesome or shitty

At one point I would think "Oh that is awesome" then "Ugh shitty drawing" then back to "Oh that is awesome" so I will give it a 9.


Hmm... Impressive I must say. I likes how you made the graphics look scruffy. I like that in animation. I also love Star Wars! But there was one thing.. Jedi's have blue, green, and purple lightsabers not red. Heh, just thought I point that out. But overall it was nice and very creative. -9/10 Stars-

very good

I liked it, outstanding......


It was very good over all. I don't like that you had the ninja somehow summon a dragon and then had both of them somehow conjure the attacks at the end, but aside from that, it was excellent.