Reviews for "Jedi vs. Ninja"


Well, I thought it was really good, except for the ending. the jedi would've used the force to slip the knife out of the ninja's hand... and i thought he lost his lightsaber....

fukin awsome

ninjas are gd, jedi are gd but turtles r better lol. na man great vid ceep it up


it was an awesome length man! way to go! even tho the art wasnt amazing and i can tell you didnt try your hardest...i can tell u put time into it and that it was thought out well. u really made a great video! i think ill watch again =)


I liked it. The only problem is the scenario you mentioned. (A Jedi not being able to use the force on a ninja.) Even Jedi use the force on other force users, so, in terms of not being able to use the force on the ninja because of it's "Chakra", that doesn't make sense. It wouldn't simply negate the opposition.

Other than that flaw, it was a great flash. I would definitely enjoy seeing an even longer and elaborate version.

not jedi

that was not a jedi it was darth ninjapwn