Reviews for "Jedi vs. Ninja"

Mr. Miyagi would have made a great Jedi Master

Excellent movie, but that is a really pathetic Jedi to not be able to take a single ninja. He must be a Jedi Academy drop-out.


You really used both ninja and jedi skills fairly and i couldnt agree more with the results.
i dont want to spoil the results for others, but u used both skillls fairly and i wouldnt agree with people who say a jedi can kick a ninja'z ass without even thinking.
PS: i didnt mention the animation and sound cuz it suits the movie,the only thing that bothered me was the ninjaz face....
OTHER THAN THAT, AWSOME MOVIE,this 1z going in my favorites =D

ActiveObjectX responds:

Why thank you good sir for the awesome review and favorite!


This was a badass flash, but the other dude was right, the kame hame stuff was a little overboard. The Kage Bunshin thing was great though! I read somethen about ramen in the credits too. Best food in the world! Wish i could make stuff like this XD


gwiguig you gotta remember when a jedi dies they become the force technically if he was strong enough he coulda done even more damage dead. but hey great job i think that you did a good job balancing them out, you show an unbias opinion which is awesome.


theres just 1 thing wrong with this: after a body is decapitated, only the head remains alive for about 8 seconds. the body, due to a lack of a brain to regulate/ control anything, falls limp and incapable of movment, so the ninja would not have died.