Reviews for "Jedi vs. Ninja"

Truly amazing

This is one of those quality flashes that I feel proud about voting a 5. I do hope this gets admitted into NG. Also, to the person below me, think of that final blast like Jedi Lightning.


The animation was great. Some bits were graphic instensive, while other art wasn't so great. But overall it was a great flash 10/10 5/5

Frontpage material.

I love this flash and I'm glad I voted 5. Keep making awesome flash like this please :D

wait a minute

you said the star wars guy was a jedi.well how come he has a red lightsaber?

ActiveObjectX responds:

Cause he went on a giant adventure to take out a fugitive one a distant planet that was causing havoc for the government there. He search for a week, and only found out stories about this fugitive who assisnated officals. He seemed to not have any pattern except that he murdered people in power. The jedi was unsure of what to do. One night while walking the streets, he saw a masked figure bolt into the shadows.

The jedi followed him. They jumped from building to building, in an epic chase. From the looks of it, this masked man could use the force. But something felt wrong. This mask man wasn't a jedi....Suddenly, after trailing the masked man, he stopped. The jedi was right behind him. The masked man turned around. The jedi then realized what he was dealing with. It was a sith. The jedi said yelled at the sith to give up, but the sith just stood their. The sith then took of the mask. AND it was actually a really really really hot chick. She was just wearing armor that made her body look like a mans, when infact the armor was using for defleting lazers and shit. She took out a lightsaber. This lightsaber was red. The jedi took out his saber(blue).

The sith immediately bolted towards the jedi, and an epic battle began. But this girl was strong. Much stronger than the jedi with a saber. She managed to knock the saber out of the jedi's hand. She then grabbed it, and sliced it in half. Suddenly the jedi realized he was in over his head, and tried to run, but couldn't. Suddenly he was being electrocuted. He was on the ground, unable to move. The sith put her saber to his neck. She laughed. The jedi then, using the force, made his body slide out of the way. He then regained control of his body, and KICK TO THE FACE = FATALITY. She took the siths saber, and then killed her. Bam. Dead. The jedi won, and now he uses her saber as his own...well...he used to atleast.



Pretty good. like the creative aspect of the movie the good ending. and Rogue jedi use red light sabers; look it up Adi Gallia on Wikipedia and see her traits.