Reviews for "Jedi vs. Ninja"

Not That Powerful

I liked it but I didn't think that a Ninja could survive getting his heart stabed by a lightsaber.

ActiveObjectX responds:

well, he didnt really survive the attack, since the saber never touched him. It killed a clone of him(that he made). So you are right, he wouldnt survive it. Thanks for the review!

Awesome Fight

Awesome fight. nice ending.. graphics wernt the best ive seen but were pretty good but the fight was really cool and so was the ending nice job

ActiveObjectX responds:

thanks man!

What I thought would suck ROCKED!

Dude, when I read this I thought "Pheh! This is going to be stupid."

But, dude you rocked this whole thing. The animation was quite good, but when you turned it up a notch and things really started getting heated, I was really into this movie.

Yup. I gave you a 5. I don't give those out too often. But you deserved the hell out of it!

ActiveObjectX responds:

nice! thanks man!


Thats so not true, just look at the Force unleashed trailers a jedi would just craush that guy with the movement of his pinky!

But anyways good flash, nive style.

Your Comade,


ActiveObjectX responds:

In order to make there be a cartoon, I had to make it so that the jedi couldnt use the force to crush the ninja.