Reviews for "Orangebeef JOKE"

Lol im gay

Lol it was funny!I liked the fart but i liked the voice "Hey mrs.beef" " Hey orangebeef, how are you today?", the prononciation made me laugh. I cant wait for your next flashes!Keep it up :-)

Orangebeef responds:

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well based on that little blurb at the end, I suppose i'm 7/10ths gay.

keep up the good work.

it waz okay xD


um well lol xD that was sum niec art ^^; i likde it, it was alot bettr than i can do ^_^ an da animatin was gud too i dunno wat a twene is tho o.o dat was kidna confasing 2 ur dummer viewers XDXD; o i aslo rlely luved da voices :P how di u do thos voiced???? if u can tell me plz pm me it fien it u dun wan to xD >>;

~*~*BAD POINTS*~*~

well it was kidna short u shud make a logn flash u wud b relli good!!!! ^___^ um i gues dat it u doin rly good u shud jus work on makn it longr an havin mor of a story ^^;

stay kawaii xD;


Orangebeef responds:



It was funny how invertantly pointed out the tween. Also the grhpics were rather sleek.

Orangebeef responds:

ok cool

interesting concept

although i did laugh at the body humor, didnt really have a "body" to it, very interesting though...

Orangebeef responds:

ok cool