Reviews for "Guess The Price!"


not the greatest of flash games but it gives me and my friends a kick out of it! lol

5/5 -toxic-pro

Heh... that was surprising

You did it again, Snubby!
another crazy concept, well done!
i thought: 'heh, this'll be a free blam point' i forgot to look at the author, anyway, surprisingly well done for somethin so simple... and for some reason so hard ^^

Snubby responds:

Thanks a lot, hoe. :P


An opening cinematic would have added a lot other then that I like the premise and it was well executed and original Good JOB!

Snubby responds:

Thanks a lot. I didn't think of that, but it is a good idea ^.^

Cool idea

a good original idea, id like to see a sequel!


its a coool game, but when i played it... and i actually tried ... i only got 3 out of 15 questions right! fun game though.