Reviews for "Guess The Price!"

preaty good

whered u get the prieses at

Snubby responds:

tommac made them.

Not a bad game.

-Nice graphics, and artwork.
-It worked perfectly.
-I sucked at it, lol.
-Not really 'fun' to play.


I'm not a massive fan of quizzes, unless their hentai in nature cos that's just kewl, but this really did seem completely pointless,

I suppose it's quite a good basis for other stuff, but add a bit more interactivity or something, as i could have just kept my mouse clicking and had more fun than actually trying to figure out the cost of a coffee machine....

Hopefully your next one is better


Heh... that was surprising

You did it again, Snubby!
another crazy concept, well done!
i thought: 'heh, this'll be a free blam point' i forgot to look at the author, anyway, surprisingly well done for somethin so simple... and for some reason so hard ^^

Snubby responds:

Thanks a lot, hoe. :P

Gets boring.

Very repetitive. Not front page worthy but not blam worthy...