Reviews for "Guess The Price!"


The way this game was set up and stuff, well it diden't really feel like you were doing much. It may have done better if you set it up like a gameshow, much like the price is right. However, as you can probably tell, this game type dosent really get by very well on newgrounds, like the average user age is about 15 or so.

And please, don't insult me for not submitting anything. I work with school projects, but I don't really have time for submitting a flash to newgrounds.



Crap in the way of flash games!

What do the people on this site look like, retired fossils with nothing better to do? Try shifting your focus next time!

Snubby responds:

Try using some manners next time, dumbass. Or maybe, try submitting something instead of sitting on your ass insulting people.

Its a bit short..

Its a bit too short, and it was too hard. Unless you know some real prices, youll probably suck at this game. I only got 4 out of 15 right, and i really did try.

Also it goes WAY too fast, it doesnt give you any sense of accomplishment or anything.

Overall, it was a below average game. Good try though.


it's like the price is right, only more terrible!(if that's even possible) you should have at least put some more stuff in, and some more of those "prizes" the one thing I did like, the "rubbish" prize, it's just a funny word... rubbish lol

Snubby responds:

So I guess you're 5 years old, right?