Reviews for "Guess The Price!"

Needs something different

add some fun objects like idk use your imagination... change the music around a lot make it fun...


Kinda fun, until it got boring. Sorry, thats all i got. Just didn't like it after a little bit.


the music wasnt great, the game sucked after 3 rounds, and i have no boner... i hate the world!

Tips, ups and downs, comments.

Comment: kinda like price is right except 3 choices instead of 2
Comment: boring quickly

Ups and downs:

++ I liked the rankings at the end
---- Not enough Objects to choice from. theres only like 25 Items
----- Boring quicly
++++ It was kinda Fun
- Not enough animation

Overall (In between -25 and 25) : -3 (work on it)

Useful Tips:
More items
Music selection
Mute button

Optional Tips:
More questions
Background Selection
Add a Flash cursor

Could be better, If you follow the Useful tips: this 4 would be 8
If you follow the Optional tips: this 4 would be 6

Follow both = 10!!!
Anyways, nice work, I guess.


not the greatest of flash games but it gives me and my friends a kick out of it! lol

5/5 -toxic-pro