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Reviews for "A Glimpse of Heaven [ Progressive Trance ]"

very nice

i like the dream trance feel to it.
i feel like you couldve added like a lower harmony to make your song sound fuller.
im liken the shutters lol
good job 5/5


Just going through and upvoting all my favorites, which is most of them.

And I no longer need sleep.

I mean, heck, I've only gone through 24 hours without sleep. But that's a power of music. Through auditory stimulation, the mind and body can be pushed beyond it's normal limits. This is like pure energy. It's well organized, easy to listen to, and it's just... Happy. :) Ok, ramble over, before I bring in puppies and bunnies.


Hey, hey!

Sounds just fine on me speakers rah hur. As always.

If ever you find yourself with naught but the thought to eat and sleep, then you may find inspiration in deviation. Give it a try.

Heart pounding goodness. No matter how long I sit here looking at a half empty review box, nothing more than aimless words of compliment seem to appear.


This needs a better clap sample or something on it. I have it if you need it. I Love how your switched the feel of the song from rushing to calm then to rushing again. What is the synth for all of the lead, and how do you make a noise sweep? Im trying to learn this so i can make a good song too, and since your better than me i have to ask you XD. But all in all this could use an update on the Kick and clap, and another pad, but its good as it is. I always like your style, and always will!

/-DJ Chaos-\