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Reviews for "A Glimpse of Heaven [ Progressive Trance ]"

Great Track

It's really great designing a game and being calmed by this. Good work :D


When you close your eyes and your high.. it looks you are flying.
Well anyways great song.

ok, not too bad

firstly, some of u people might just be thinking, "why are u, fred1324, writing a review to a song that u dont give a 10 to?" well, ill tell u.
there are basically no more songs which i would PREFER, so, im going to take a different approach. im going to review certain songs which i wont hate, but i still wont like as much.
so, heres my first NON 10 review, and i might just be making lots of non 10 reviews if i dont pick up something which suits me.
as always, i dont like happy music that much. but i do like my trance. so, in this case, its very happy for me, but the music is quite pleasing in sections, and every section has new effects and instruments included in it. although that occurs, the melody and background sound is quite simple, and it fits so well.

oh well, thats all for me, dont be offended by me plz, im making plenty of these reviews any time soon, so dont feel left out. but if i get some very good songs, well, who knows.


PS: even though i may not like it, im sure many other people love your songs.


It has both a happy and sad feeling to it at the same time! Keep it up! I wish I could make music like this! What program did you use?

sweeet dude ^_^

i agreee with digitaltrance tottally :)
coulda used a more fuller sound.. the pads did alot of the work in this song, when the melody came out i was like "yes yes yes" lol
keep it up :)