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Reviews for "A Glimpse of Heaven [ Progressive Trance ]"


Dude this is sweet what program you using for your stuff


at first i thought i wouldent like it but then it got good really good!



Nice title <3 +-

Totally delivered, man I like your song. Tanks 4 a really fine tunes with progressiveness elements in it. I like that. I also like the whole picture of it. Man thats pretty methaphoric. But if you may picture that. The glimpse. Totaly dude. :D

Loved it

This track was hella epic like a lot of your great songs but this one was top tier even for you and probably one of your best,i loved the icy winter feel it gave from the melody and all the beats synced out perfectly,i enjoyed this song very much and can't wait for your next big song. ^_^