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Reviews for "Ye Olde Collab III"

ye olde 10

What im a doing at the very end of this ye olde fine film?
Good to see another olde collab dis one is good, but the others were good too.
Graphics: good.

Very nicely done

Also I want to know who really made this, because it obviously did not take 3 extra co-authors to make this.

To Crash-and-burn31

Just because theres 3 extra authors, doesn't necessarily mean that they all did something, i think it might just be cuz they're all in the cartoon, or possibly cuz they all actually animated a part of it(i doubt it though it all looks the same) anyway it was a good movie, it made me laugh

(Looks around)...where are all of the reviews?

Because I thought this was pretty good. I did have a hard time reading some of the text, however. One thing: it looked like "Fat Badger" was scratching that creature's back instead of stabbing him LOL.

good but odd

it was good not the greatest but it did make me laugh. i loved how it was a "silent" collab which is very rare to make it past these days but great job.

*to the guy who said it did not take 3 authors*-just because it seems like it was all done by the same person does not mean that people could've added items here and there and therefore it has 3 authors or maybe 3 people did their own parts and then they put them all together added extras and you have a collab.

anyways great job guys and hope to see more