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Reviews for "Wrath of Shadow ep. 4.1"


A few spelling and grammar errors but thats it also work on your jump and running animations. Peace o_o

Shi-Gu responds:

sure ^^

Cool, and here's a little advice.......

Well, I must say you've gotten better. However, I think you over did the intro. It was better than the actual episode, I felt. I also suggest for future episodes making the screen and sprite size larger they're a bit to small and just a few spelling errors here and there. Other than that, great story line, and good music. Keep up the good work.

Peace Out, :D

Shi-Gu responds:

Oh thankyou! I know you! You were in the Sonic&Shadow Collab with me! :D
yeah, maybe the intro was exagerated but if I just had the chance to ensamble part 1 with part 2 the intro would be nothing, by the way, in part two I learned to use Flash camera, so the sprites will look better with zoom, and I'm making episode 5 right now and the screen is 550 x 400
Thankyou for not saying this is a copy of SMBZ like everyone say and about the storyline, I'm trying to do the most exciting plot and far from SMBZ's plot

Nice work!!!

Dude, That was the coolest of them all... I didnt understand what Chaos was saying but It was ok to have the letters that way with him... Also... I WAS IN THE F***ING CREDIT!!!!! YEAH!!!! Also I said it would fit to have All hail Shadow in the credit... But I hope the next one will be better and the fighting will be good... And I agree with FreshFlesh... Fix the button and have the arrow (or a chaos emerald in this case) be seen cause I was always confused where the arrow was... I also agree that this oneshould go to the collection...

Shi-Gu responds:

Finnally I found you, like I said whith everyone I´ll repair the button problem, chaos was talking in other language (in the game he doesn´t talk) you don´t need to understand (I am the only one who does >:D)
Thanks, the next will be much better :D


Really good work,man! Gets better and better every time! I really liked it,and,in my opinion,it should be in the collection :) But fix the buttons,please, the cursor desapears when it's over it and sometimes i miss click ^^. Good luck and hope to see part 4.2 soon!

Shi-Gu responds:

Thanks, the first 100% positive comment :D
Don´t worry, I´ll repair the button problem soon...

It's alright...

Hmmm... It was okay, some of the animation was a tad weird.... I liked the sprites that you got from the Mystical Forest Zone. All in all it was okay, seems like you could do better, watch Sonic's Quest for Power and SMBZ to get a taste of what superb sprite animation looks like.

Shi-Gu responds:

Yeah, thanks, I watched them but I´ll practice my "fighting skills" in part 2 thaks