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Reviews for "Stabika ep.1 Escape"


Well done. The animation was pretty solid and it worked. I especially liked the bullet time aspect. As einstien6991 said, the storyline left a little to be desired. It worked, but the voice acting and story were kind of weak and didn't really add much to the game. Overall, solid game, just clean it up a little and the next one could be legendary.

TheMillz responds:

The story will lead to a higher place, I guarentee it. Same with voice acting. I know, because I'm waist deep in the sequel and I can say things are coming along great so far. Hopefully, it will not dissapoint. Also, did you check the extras? If you didn't want to read the story, Kade's past is animated in pivot-form so you can watch it instead. Thanks for reviewing, I really enjoy sitting back and reading these things. They fuel the flames that make me strive to do better next time.

You got Review'd!

This is a good game, great mechanics and simple controls. Number two is going to be less simplistic, so I'll get ready. The only bad thing about this is that I can't find Survival Mode. I searched every button, and all I can find is Adventure Mode. Can you help me with that?

TheMillz responds:

Yea bro, sorry if you didn't hear ( gatta update some information ) Although we expected to release it with ep.1, certain bug needed some re-working, so it will be in ep.2. Sorry for the inconvienience. Your wait will be paid off though, I promise. Thanks for reviewing.

really great and entertaning... but

this is so fun and entertaning and challening at the same time that it would have gotten full 10 if it wasn for the grapichs. if you had made kade have eyes and you could see his hair proberly. other than that i love these kind of games and there are so few of them that i cant wait to ep 3 =D

TheMillz responds:

Try to keep in mind that such features were not part of the design choice. The madness guys dont have arms, just floaty-hands, but does that make it any less gory or fun to watch?

Thanks for reviewing :D


It was pretty challenging at first, but then it got easier because I got used to the controls. This game is awesome, reminds me of God of War. The voice at the end was a bit hard to understand though. Good job! 8/10

TheMillz responds:

8/10, bitchn', thanks for reviewing man, check out ep.2 when ya can, hopefully you'll like it more :)

Fun, but too easy and too short

You should have to do more complicated button combos or have the press the buttons faster. The action was good and the cinematics were impressive, but the game lacked difficulty.

However, I still look forward to episode 2.

TheMillz responds:

More complicated controls huh? My man, YOU, will not be deissapointed in episode 2. I guarentee it. :D