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Reviews for "Stabika ep.1 Escape"

Awesome, but could improve

I did love the playing part (it was frustrating yet enjoyable at the same time) but the animation for the "Cut Scene" I'll call it, could have been a little more... well animated. It seemed that it was just individual pictures moving instead of actual animation (like when he was throwing the gasoline... should have been animated) And also the audio was a little lacking in quality. But it has potential, I loved the gameplay, make another ^_^

TheMillz responds:

Well I can honestly say for the cutscenes, sorry, but for ep.2 atleast it's more of the same. But We worked more on making different gameplay types and variations that should help make up for it. Plus to animate something like that would take forever and add in some laggyness, which would destroy gameplay. Can't have that. However down the line, I may make a side-episode that's fully animated. Kinda like a bridge between the games. Thanks for playing and reviewing. :D

Fun, but too easy and too short

You should have to do more complicated button combos or have the press the buttons faster. The action was good and the cinematics were impressive, but the game lacked difficulty.

However, I still look forward to episode 2.

TheMillz responds:

More complicated controls huh? My man, YOU, will not be deissapointed in episode 2. I guarentee it. :D

I really liked this.

Even though it isn't much of a game, it is still pretty good Flash. I really liked the type of art that you used for this. My one suggestion would be at the end, TURN UP THE VOLUME!!! I can't hear what the guy is saying at all. Other than that, it was great. Keep up the good work!

TheMillz responds:

It was turned up as far as I could, but I hear what your saying, and rest assured, it will be taken care of in the sequels. Also, inccedently, that voice at the end was a chick. ;) Hope she dosn't read this the wrong way, lol, she's a very talented actress. We appretiate the 10 score bro, means alot.


creative. i liked it a lot. waiting for ep. 2!

TheMillz responds:

You won't have to wait long. As of this day, the main adventure mode animation is complete, and it looks awsome.All that's left is to code and playtest it, which Porter is an awsome coder, so rest assured it will play fantastic. Thanks for playing, your reviews are fuel to the fire that burns us to make the sequel better, so keep 'em coming! :D

Really Fun

That game was really fun and self satisfying. Keep it up!

TheMillz responds:

Definetly keeping it up, no doubt. The sequel will continue Kade's adventure to furthure the story. The gameplay will be split into 2 different modes for double the fun.