Reviews for "Stabika ep.1 Escape"


Well done. The animation was pretty solid and it worked. I especially liked the bullet time aspect. As einstien6991 said, the storyline left a little to be desired. It worked, but the voice acting and story were kind of weak and didn't really add much to the game. Overall, solid game, just clean it up a little and the next one could be legendary.

TheMillz responds:

The story will lead to a higher place, I guarentee it. Same with voice acting. I know, because I'm waist deep in the sequel and I can say things are coming along great so far. Hopefully, it will not dissapoint. Also, did you check the extras? If you didn't want to read the story, Kade's past is animated in pivot-form so you can watch it instead. Thanks for reviewing, I really enjoy sitting back and reading these things. They fuel the flames that make me strive to do better next time.

This is a fantastic GAME.

The storyline, on the other hand, is cliche and overrated. Now, if you continue to make this series in the same aspect, it would be fantastic. Also, If you were to make a free-running game (I assume that the moves were based on parkour and free-running) with the same precision (and possible chance to control the character more than a random button mashing) I believe that it could be the best game on Newgrounds.
Bravo in your work.

9/10 stars: gorgeous gameplay and character design, but predictable storyline and mediocre voice acting.

TheMillz responds:

I agree about the story line...for now. I wanted to set it up to seem a little clich'e to apeal to casual gamers, ya know, kinda get their feet wet in the gameplay. While I can't give too much away, the sequel will feature more of the same story-wise, but look for the clue of something bigger for the future in ep.2. Once you see what I mean, you will probly have some idea. Thanks for playing! I love reading these reviews, everyone's so posative! :D

Good graphics

I really enjoyed the graphics, but the gameplay itself was pretty boring.

TheMillz responds:

Well gameplay wise, I wanted us to do something not seen as often or overly complicated. Can't please everyone with everything I guess, but thanks for complamenting my artwork. The sequel already has a special mode for people who like more traditional gaming in the works, so check out the next one to see if it meets your standards. Thanks for reviewing.


The game looks great and the animations and style are really great.

However, having to restart gets to be a real pain, may I suggest continue points to make it a bit less frustrating?

Other than that, I quite liked it.

TheMillz responds:

Well there was one checkpoint after your chased downhill by the giant cogwheel. Because of the shortness of the episode, adding more then that would take away from the difficulty. However, I will take adding more into consideration for the sequel, and thanks for reviewing!

BAD ASS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i would have to say this is one of the best games i have played in awhile here at newgrounds. this is an awsome game and i would like to see more of where this came from. all my 5 goes to you friend.

TheMillz responds:

10/10?!? Really? Oh man, I am truley speechless. The sequel is moving along at record speed, and I think I can safely say if you liked this one, the next one just may blow you away. Stay tuned, and thanks for reveiwing! :D